Posted by: hkhotimah | July 21, 2008

selamanya kaya

kalo dah denger kata kaya ..

otomatis lsg inget paman gober, bebek terkaya didunia . tentunya didunia khayal

well it’s not about him ofcourse ..

it’s about a book i read this past few days .. titled “FOREVER RICH”

started when i looked around in this bookstore-located-in-front-of-bip for health books for my bpk n ibu

then i laid my eyes on these stack of books ..

no . it’s not FOREVER-RICH-books-stacks.. it’s a book about women n financing.. oprah-related-friends.. if i’m not mistakes is the author .. i read a few pages ..n it startled me n hit my conciousness brutally about my lack of knowledge about managing EM – O – EN – I- WAI

well like i said i just read some pages .. so i let that book down .. n left the gramed without buying that oprah-related-friends-woman&financing-book

n the next day .. well not xactly next day .. few days later.. i came back to th store .. and i started to look personal finance book .. then tada.. i found that book . yup FOREVER RICH book..

the book explain many basic things about managing our personal finance.. especially it’s thoroughly describing about how to make plan for monthly budgeting efficiently .. it even gave samples of table etc .. it even motivated the reader agressively about the importance of managing our money..

it’s a great book for a newbie.. well at least for me who is a dummie at that field .. so i guess .. it kinda for-dummies-book series ..

easy to read n understand .. also the best part is .. it’s written in indonesia ^^),v,,

),here’s the cover of the books

forever rich cover

forever rich cover

well i guess what left for me is ….. yup the implementation phase .. šŸ˜€ heheheh paling susah neh ..

btw kesambet apa ya .. tiba2 nulis bhsanya ganti .. heheheh jadi malu neh ^_^>

hmm buat penutup keknya cocok kalo aku ngambil pepatah yang ampe 2 kali disebut di FOREVER RICH, “Kebanyakan orang tidak berencana untuk gagal, tetapi mereka gagal untuk berencana”



  1. Dah selesai belum bacanya? Pinjeeem šŸ˜€

  2. udah udah

    maap ni sapa ya? šŸ˜€

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